How To Build a Beautiful Home

Family & Parenting

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Sexual frustration

We have to always ensure that we fulfil all our spouse's needs, wants and fantasies. Sexual frustration is destroying many marriages today and leading some spouse's to get off the straight path. 
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Healthy Spouse

We have developed a culture of always staying clean and fresh for one another. Even on lazy Sundays.
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Emotional Bank

Learn to deposit in each other's emotional bank account. Learn about each other's love language so you deposit in the right currency. 
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Create your own marriage

Guard your marriage jealously. Create your own marriage culture.
Do not allow others to interfere, impose or dictate how you will relate with your spouse in your own marriage.
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Common Interests

Try as much as you can as a couple, to share common interests. This has transformed our relationship beyond words.  
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Code of conduct

One thing that has helped strengthen our relationship over the past 29+ years is developing a "Code of conduct" for our marriage. 
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