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This scholarship is meant for NASFAT from Maryam Lemu Academy. 50% discount to all users coming from NASFAT, this will in turn help with the vision & mission of NASFAT.
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Benefits of THIS program in relation with NASFAT

NASFAT also known as Nasrul-lahi-li Fathi Society of Nigeria is a Nigerian Muslim prayer group with focus on youth, women and the eltes. The group has over one million members in Nigeria. The group organizes prayer fairs where the recitation of prayers can be done by all without the agency of a clergy. 

The Maryam Lemu Certified Premarital Master Class

72 Comprehensive Episodes

What I share with you in this course, are practical personal experiences and research developed over the past 30 plus years which includes my pre-marital years.
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One of my greatest passions is seeing marriages work. I have interviewed many who are yet to get married, who are married, who are divorced or widowed, and had them share their best practices and their biggest regrets. They had opened up and shared many things they wished they had known before they got married.

In this course, I shall share the good, the bad and the ugly truths. The mistakes I made, the best things I learned and the most brilliant things we did to make for the beautiful relationship we have today.
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