Grand Launch 
August 8th

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We are grateful for the various Endorsement

Assalamu alaikum,
We are truly overwhelmed and humbled by the show of support we have received from scholars, organizations, individuals and companies. May Allah reward you.  May He continue to guide and protect you and your loved ones in the best manner. 
Maryam Lemu
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Mrs. Lemu’s platform, Marriage and Family Central, focuses on strengthening bonds and reinforcing Islamic family values.
 I am pleased to recommend this new 72-episode Premarital Masterclass which, I believe, will, insha Allah, help create mutually
 fulfilling, long lasting marriages.

Imam Omar Suleiman
Founder/President Yaqeen Institute Texas, USA
I wish to endorse this initiative of Hajiya Maryam Lemu in her new project, the Certified Premarital Masterclass.
...In this maze of uncertainties surrounding the marriage institution, an intervention which seeks to offer a roadmap to a successful marriage is a welcome development.
Yes, one size does not fit all, but this program holds great promises of bringing restoration, stability and fulfilment to fragile marriages...
FOMWAN looks forward to some collaboration between this and her State Counselling Committees for wider reach. Indeed this intervention has come at a time when its most needed. May Allah bless the effort, and make it beneficial.

Hajiya Halima Jibril
FOMWAN National Amirah
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I have no hesitation in recommending Maryam Lemu's Premarital Masterclass. It is an excellent and authentic response to a genuine need in our global community. As a marriage counsellor myself I have yet to come across such a comprehensive response.It covers all the critical issues that people are confronted with prior to and during marriage.

I have no doubt that those who attend her masterclass will be given the requisite guidance and tools that are necessary to enjoy marital - bliss.
Even married couples will rekindle their love by attending this masterclass. 
Finally, I can say with conviction that this masterclass will not only benefit prospective couples; it will also help fellow practitioners to hone their skills.
Maryam, well done. I like it, nay I love it. This contribution cannot be quantified. 

Edris Khamissa 
Consultant in Education and Human Development 

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As-salaam Alaykum

I write to commend the laudable initiative (Maryam Lemu Certified Premarital Masterclass) …
This digital masterclass is greatly needed in our communities…
We ask Allah to reward you abundantly, increase and strengthen you in all your affairs as you continually strive for the propagation of the deen.

Please accept our warm regards as we look forward to more mutually beneficial collaborations...

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Marriage is meant to be enjoyed, not endured. Many of the challenges faced in marriages today could have been avoided with adequate premarital counselling.
The Certified Premarital Masterclass by Maryam Lemu is no doubt a much-needed resource for aspiring and young couples today.
This 72-video course is the simplest, yet comprehensive marriage course I have come across in contemporary times.
It is not only engaging but also shares practical and relatable tips for successful marriages. I highly recommend it for every young couple, and single men and women.

Alhaji Arzika A. Rimau
DG/Trustee, Islamic Education Trust (IET)
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One of the major problems facing our society today, is the high rate of divorce and increasing numbers of failed and failing marriages. Whereas efforts are underway in various states in the North to use Hisbah boards for counselling and reconciliation, a major gap in education, is pre-marital counselling. In most cases, by the time the marriage contract has been entered into, it is too late. Unlike churches, which have a long-established tradition of guidance and counselling for intending couples, we Muslims have not paid sufficient attention to this critical area.
Maryam Lemu has been focused on this issue for decades and her Marriage and Family Central platform, and her Premarital Masterclass is highly recommended and a welcome contribution to the efforts at social reform, especially among Muslims in northern Nigeria.
I have no hesitation endorsing her courses and recommending them for young couples and indeed parents and guardians who need to prepare the next generation for a blissful married life.

Khalifa Muhammad Sanusi 11
14th Emir of Kano and Grand Khalifa of Tijjaniyya in Nigeria.
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Someone once said "The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret." In our thought, the focus of the new 72-episode Premarital Masterclass by Sister Lemu is to unclose the secret behind a happy marriage. We wish to recommend this Masterclass to both singles and married ones to achieve a marriage of friendship and worship. The entire Masterclass is in pursuit of answering the questions ‘’who am I?” and “what do I want?” It is all about self-discovery and exploration of self. May Allah Almighty make the program a rewarding and memorable one.

1Ummah Islamic Organization
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Maryam Lemu

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